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Meet a new kind of protein powder that brings together fitness and health with the highest quality.

Try a supplement engineered to help you reach your goals and live a healthy lifestyle.

Don't sacrifice your long-term wellbeing to see results in the gym. With Powerhouse, you can do both.

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Research-Backed Formulation

High quality whey protein, low calories, low carbs, low fat: an incredible recipe for building lean muscle the right way.

Delicious Vanilla Milkshake Flavor

In a taste test conducted at Duke University, 96% thought they had just sampled a milkshake, not a supplement.

Holistic Nutritional Benefits

With 60% of your Daily Value of all 12 essential vitamins, gluten-free, and no artificial flavoring, you'll improve your health.

Premium Quality Premium Value

Quality is a major part of fitness, so we are always working hard to offer you the maximum value packed inside our bottle.

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Farm to bottle

Our Whey Protein Isolate is made right at the dairy farm, not in some lab or pharmaceutical factory. The microfiltration process is done right on the spot, in the same family-owned facility that has been making your cheese and other dairy products for 50 years.

Single-sourced, natural, pure protein is a must for your results and your long-term health.

The best fuel for your body

Powerhouse Protein uses only 90% Whey Protein Isolate, which means we use ultrafiltration to remove unneccesary fats, lactose, cholesteraol and leave you with only the good stuff.

That's why our supplement has an industry-leading, naturally occuring amino acid profile proven to help you build lean muscle, improve your weight, and live a healthy life.

BCAAs per serving (g)

Backed by research

Our team of scientists with 40+ years of experience (and fitness fanatics) engineered Powerhouse using the latest published science. Don't take our word for it, see the research that backs our protein's benefits:

Powerhouse is engineered with the flexibility to support every stage of fitness journey and every part of your lifestyle.

We spent years reviewing academic literature and testing our product out in the field for different goals, so you can be sure we can support nearly any fitness goal (sorry world's strongest men competitors)

All you have to do is adjust serving size, frequency, and timing to meet your needs. Find what works for you or use one of our researched profiles!

Proven to be delicious

In a blinded taste-test conducted at Duke University, 96% of participants didn't even know they were drinking a supplement

Powerhouse is the supplement you can look forward to every day.

Why do people love our vanilla milkshake flavor?

Natural flavors

We used a proprietary blend of natural ingredients to make our delicious vanilla milkshake flavor, without any additives or extra carbs.

Instant mixing

Our powder is instantized, which is a fancy way of saying you get a velvety smooth pour with just 20 seconds of shaking in a closed cup. No high-powered blenders, no lumps, no chalkiness.

Consumer tested

We spent 1 year testing over 100 different formulations with consumers before we launched our Total Fitness Supplement. Thousands of bottles later, we are ready for even the pickiest palate


The vanilla base is easy to blend, mix into your favorite baking recipe (protein cookies, anyone?), or even add to a sauce. We've even had Powerhouse fans send us their full fitness cookbooks!

Nutrition Facts

If you want to see why Powerhouse does so much more than build lean muscle, just take a look at the label. Powerhouse is enigneered with over 60% of your Daily Value of all 12 of the vitamins recommended by the Institute of Medicine. To put that in perspective
You could drink 2 scoops of Powerhouse OR:

  • Eat 20 cups of raw spinach to get the equivalent vitamin E
  • Eat 6 large eggs to get the equivalent vitamin D
  • Eat 10 bananas to get the equivalent folate
  • Drink 6 cups of milk to get the equivalent vitamin A
  • Eat 6 cups of raisins to get the equivalent vitamin B6

And thats not even half of the vitamins!

We minimized additives for a purer protein

35 extra calories, 3 grams of fat that's it! The rest of 160 calories are strictly from protein.

We filtered out unnecessary additives and made our product GLUTEN FREE to give your body the exact amount of protein right when it needs it.Not only are you giving your muscles what they need for growth, but your doing it without adding the extra fat, calories and unwanted non-muscle mass.

Less than 5% cholesterol for a happy heart

Your heart is a muscle too, so we don't neglect it.

Because most dairy sources of protein come with unhealthy saturated fats and cholesterol, even the best-selling whey protein powders today have 30mg or more of this substance. That's why we use an ultra-filtered whey isolate that can promote heart health instead of threatening it so Powerhouse has 3x less cholesterol per serving than leading competitors.

How did we do it? A few sleepless nights of formulation, a search for only the highest quality ingredients, and a refusal to compromise.

Natural ingredients for the best long-term results

Artificial flavorings are one of the most dangerous food additives, yet most protein powders use them without hesitation.

Their goal is to just minimize costs, without caring for the consumers overall wellbeing. At Powerhouse Protein, our product is dedicated to improving your overall health instead of sacrificing it, so we worked hard to find the perfect vanilla flavor made here in the US instead of turning to synthetic chemicals or foreign ingredients.

Your body will love it as much as your taste buds do.


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